Chit Chat Tuesday: Interview with Erin Rechner, the Head of Kids’ Content at WGSN.

In this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday interview, we catch up with Erin Rechner, the Head of Kids’ Content at WGSN, the world’s leading consumer trend forecaster. We chat about upcoming trends, kids’ fashion, and her personal story.

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Tell us your story.

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My name is Erin Rechner and I am the Head of Kids’ Content at WGSN. I am originally from Ohio and moved to New York after graduation. As a kid, I was always creating things and found that to be my true passion. I ended up pursuing a career in fashion, which has led me to the incredible job I am proud to have today.

You have worked in the kids’ fashion industry for a long time. Why kids’ fashion?

When I was looking for my first job after graduating from college, I accepted a design position in the junior and kids’ space, eventually leading me to an open kids’ role at WGSN.

Tell us about WGSN.

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WGSN is the world’s leading consumer trend forecaster. Our accurate forecasts provide global trend insights, expertly curated data and industry expertise to help our clients understand consumer behavior and lifestyles, create products with confidence and trade at the right time.

To what do you attribute your success?

My parents, particularly my dad. After completing one year of college, I told them I wanted to switch my major from photography and fine arts to fashion design. Even though fashion design is not considered a potentially lucrative career choice, my dad always believed in me and never once questioned my decision. I think about that often, especially as he is no longer with us here on Earth.

How do you see the kids’ fashion market in 5 years?

I hope that once global legislation is in place, the kidswear market will lean deeper into the rental and resale market, along with a rise in on-demand products for things like graphic tees and printed items. With kids growing out of clothes at an unprecedented rate, these solutions can help many brands get ahead.

What is your prediction for S/S 25?

I’m excited about WGSN’s Flex-Abilities Big Idea, where an agile and empathetic sentiment will work over one-size-fits-all. Brands will need to tailor their products to individuals, not just consumers.

What is your favorite trend for S/S 25?

A few trends for S/S 25 will affect the entire fashion industry, including kids, tweens and adults. The cartoonification of timeless themes will reflect the growing influence of the kidult consumer, while the seaside narrative will have a touch of 90s sport.

What do you think about physical events, networking vs online platforms?

They both have their place. I thrive in a physical setting. I recently attended the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and the amount of organic discovery and ad-hoc meetings was truly priceless.

What advice can you give to young brands?

It’s essential to always be in a learning mindset. The industry is ever-evolving and staying informed about the latest trends, techniques and technologies is crucial. Find your niche; do not try to be everything to all people.

What advice would you give to anyone who would like to pursue a career in kids’ fashion?

Embrace the unexpected. Don’t shy away from challenges that push you out of your comfort zone. These experiences will enhance your skill set and expand your creative boundaries. Balancing innovative designs with practicality and affordability will set you apart in a competitive market. Strive to work towards true circularity.

Who is your fashion icon, past or present?

Jacob Elordi is killing it right now with his accessory game; I can only aspire to look that effortless with a Bottega! Kate Moss will forever be my number one.

What inspires you?

I am particularly inspired by innovations in sustainability that contribute to a better future for our planet. I also love using personal style as a form of self-expression, as well as the creativity and joy that come with a new brand concept and the support and insights offered by my colleagues and friends. These elements encourage me to embrace creativity, adaptability and compassion in all aspects of life.

What are your favorite cultural magazines/publications? How about podcasts?

Cereal, Wallpaper, Kinfolk, Milk and Hypoallergenic are top of my mind. Although I am not a regular podcast listener, I recently enjoyed This Old Thing? and One Year.

What is your favorite place in the world?

Japan, specifically Kamakura and Tokyo. I would love to live there one day!

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