Mom Approved Swimwear for Summer

With the summer season upon us, I’m looking for the best swimsuits! It feels weird to say the perfect mom swimsuit, because I feel like that doesn’t sound like they are good swimsuits. I have to admit, I have the most difficult time finding swimwear sometimes! I want items that feel mom-appropriate but are also stay on trend. Comfort is definitely key over style, but I know I’m not alone when I say we all want to be a cool mom! Between a few trips we have planned and being back in the Hamptons full time soon, I’m hunting down my personal style with the best swimsuit brands. Full coverage, adjustable straps, a fit in al the right places to feel comfortable in my own skin are all peak priority. Flattering swimsuits require a great deal of effort in a search. I’m thrilled to say I’ve got mom swimsuits handled! These are my favorite swimsuits of the season and I promise, they go beyond a one-piece swimsuit with tummy control!

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swimwear for moms


Lately, summer trends have been more fun. There’s so many cut-outs, trendy styles and bright colors. Moreover, what is cool is that designers are taking all of the trends the teens and tweens are loving and making them into swim pieces. And those that moms can feel comfortable in. I like to go for the pieces that are more timeless, rather than just on-trend for the moment. There are trends that stick around for a while. A ruched pattern that is flattering with good coverage is not the unicorn of swimsuits anymore. It’s the standard this season. I think it’s great that high-waist bikinis and tankinis are back on trend!

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swimwear for momsswimwear for moms

Mom Approved

Secondly, this is all going to be about how you are feeling on those beach days and what you are looking for out of swimwear. There are many aspects that go into choosing the right swimwear for everyone’s taste. Some prefer high-waist bottoms, one pieces or just more coverage in general when it comes to two-piece swimsuits. I like all three options and I switch it up! Truly, I think confidence is everything. If you are feeling comfortable, you are looking your very best and that’s the truth that I encourage you all to live!

swimwear for momsswimwear for moms

Your Comfort Level

Furthermore, every single body is a summer body. It’s summertime, people! I realize this is a lot easier said than done and so if you’re feeling like you want to sport one of the best one-piece swimsuits or you need extra support, you go get that and you rock it! When shopping for a new swimsuit, it can get pricey and it needs to be something you will get wear out of. So whether you have a postpartum body, stretch marks or feel like you just need enough coverage to feel good, that is all normal! Only worry about how you feel.

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swimwear for momsswimwear for moms


Finally, coverups are a huge part of swimwear, they are what gets you to and from the beach or pool. These are also a fashion statement, but something you want to be comfortable in! With this, you can go with just bottoms, a dress, sarong type of piece or even a jumpsuit! This is the part of the outfit that makes the swimwear wearable in real life, not only can you hang out in these pieces, but you can shop or run errands in your swimsuits, as long as you have a great coverup! I’ve pulled a few favorites of mine that I can’t wait to wear all summer!

Cutout One Piece // Purple Bikini // Blue One Piece // Crochet Set // Coverup // Pink Bikini // White High Waisted Bikini // Ruched One Piece // Floral Set // Belted One Piece // Pink Frill One Piece // Floral Bikini

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swimwear for momsswimwear for moms

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