Popsicle Recipes to Have on Repeat All Summer

When I think of a hot summer day, I think of homemade popsicles. It’s something that we haven’t really ever made that often, but it’s shockingly simple to do! Get some popsicle molds, popsicle sticks and some fresh fruit and juice and you are practically there! Orange juice is a great fruit juice to put into a food processor or blender with fresh fruit. Lemon juice or lime juice and fresh strawberries is a shockingly easy and delicious treat! Combine your favorite flavors into a silicone mold and you will have a whole season of happiness. Homemade ice pops are a great way to cool down and your kids will love them! Healthy popsicle recipes are plentiful online and we have some phenomenal options to enjoy all summer long!

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First things first, you have to have a good popsicle mold! I’ve had such a difficult time getting the popsicles out of molds before, so I feel like a semi-seasoned professional for finding options that are easy to use. Let’s be honest, they’re more fun when they are cute ice molds! If it’s going to sit in my freezer all summer, I want to enjoy it! You’ll need to get your hands on a popsicle stick you like, preferably options that can be reusable. We’ve sourced recipes for healthy homemade popsicles with simple ingredients and whole fruits for the best frozen treat. An ice-cold popsicle can cool you down well after a long day outside and they are good options for a snack.

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Store-bought varieties are great, but it’s more fun and healthy to make your own popsicles, not to mention the fact that the kids love it! Last year, we got our hands on some great molds for a popsicle mixture. You can also use an ice cube tray to make these sweet treats, but the molds make easy homemade popsicles that freeze for the perfect treat in warm weather.

These are a few of my favorite popsicle molds:

Pink Mold, Walmart 9 Section Mold, Fancy Shapes Mold, Standing Mold

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Have you heard of anything more refreshing?! Watermelon is the fruit of the summer, we have it on repeat in our house and finding another way to enjoy it is so fun! Coconut water, watermelon and some fresh mint sounds right up my alley.


Not only is this popsicle incredibly cooling and refreshing for summer, but it only has 3 ingredients! Talk about a simple recipe! They are water, lemon juice and sugar– so the perfect lemonade recipe. The kids love it and I like to enjoy it on a warm summer night.

popsicle recipespopsicle recipes

If your kids are chocolate lovers, this is the perfect summer dessert! This recipe is great because it is dairy free, although you can substitute for any milk you’d like. It calls for peanut butter, coconut milk, maple syrup, a banana and cinnamon. That sounds delicious to me!

Key lime is one of my favorite pie flavors. When I saw that it could be made into a popsicle (minus the pie part) I ran to grab the recipe! It’s basically half and half, condensed milk and lime juice, so all ingredients we have in our baking cabinets. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make and after cooling a few hours in the freezer, it’s the ultimate summer treat!

This is definitely a crowd favorite! Since it’s a mixture of whatever berries you like, it tastes like berry punch! I’d recommend blueberries, blackberries and strawberries mixed with greek yogurt and honey!


Adding a base of yogurt or greek yogurt provides some vitamin D and protein to the popsicles and makes them slightly healthier than just all sugar and juice. This recipe is incredibly easy to make and makes for a great on the go breakfast option!

popsicle recipespopsicle recipes

Alright, so this is more than just raspberries for the fruit ingredients. It contains strawberries and orange juice, which is one of the best juices for popsicles because it has so much flavor. This recipe does call for sugar, but you could swap it out for maple syrup or honey!


This one is for the adults! They had me at frozen marg! This one is even more fun if you have popsicle molds that are shaped in cool, summer themed shapes. I love finding recipes with no high fructose corn syrup and different flavors to choose from to create delicious popsicles. On a hot day, icy popsicles free from food dyes are a delicous way to escape the summer heat. This recipe includes real fruit and fresh ingredients to meet the freezing points in creation of the best popsicles. It’s not difficult to create and it is the best dessert and perfect snack to have with friends over!

My mouth is watering just from reading this title! Passionfruit is a tropical fruit that screams summer vacation. Mixing it with coconut milk makes it super creamy and delectable. These are a pretty color and even yummier to enjoy! Impress your guests this summer with this recipe!


*This post was originally published June 16th, 2023*

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