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Finding your style and putting together dazzling outfits for any occasion is not as simple as it seems. This is especially true if you are unsure about your personal style, are on a budget, or prefer to stick to a capsule wardrobe. Fortunately, there’s a lot that you can do to improve your style – starting with learning more about men’s fashion.
In this guide, you’ll find 6 must-read books that will open up the gates to an effortless, impeccable style – plus some tips to continue your education in this field!

6 Must-Read Style Books For Men 

Let’s start with the key books to read if your goal for 2024 is to elevate your style. Here are some of the most timeless, iconic books for men’s fashion – but don’t be afraid to branch out and purchase books focusing on specific fashion trends or styles. 

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“Dressing The Man: Mastering The Art Of Permanent Fashion” By Alan Flusser 

If you are looking to get your education in the world of men’s fashion started, look no further than “Dressing The Man: Mastering The Art Of Permanent Fashion”. In this book, Alan Flusser will take you through the essentials needed to create a truly timeless style – from styling a formal suit to enhancing the look of your vintage trousers.
In this book, you’ll also learn more about concepts like the importance of silhouette and how to express yourself through your attire.

“Gentleman: A Timeless Guide To Fashion” By Bernhard Roetzel 

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide you’ll always be able to refer to throughout your life, a great starting point is “Gentleman: A Timeless Guide To Fashion”. In this masterpiece by Bernhard Roetzel, you’ll learn all you need to know about classic men’s style, from suit tailoring to styling unique accessories. This is an excellent option for anyone seeking a guide for the modern man. 

“Contemporary Menswear: The Insider’s Guide To Independent Men’s Fashion” by Calum Gordon, Nicholas Schonberger, and Steven Vogel 

If you find that the books listed above are too old or do not match your style goals, you should consider reading this guide! This book covers all you need to know to navigate the modern landscape of men’s fashion and investigates more than fifty designers, brands, labels, stores, and online resources that have helped shape men’s fashion over the past decade. Ultimately, if you are looking to discover brands and stores to elevate your style, this is your book! 

“Icons Of Men’s Style” By Josh Sims 

In this timeless book, Josh Sims examines the style pieces and outfits that have defined men’s fashion over the years. Through the words of Josh Sims and stunning photographs, you’ll learn more about iconic pieces like the leather jacket and how these have come to underline style and masculinity.

“The Handbook Of Style: A Man’s Guide To Looking Good” By Esquire 

If you have already taken your first steps in the journey toward becoming a fashionista, you know what Esquire is. Now, if you are looking to find all the knowledge and expertise of the experts of Esquire condensed resources, look no further than The Handbook of Style. This book covers everything you may need to elevate your style, from theoretical principles to practical tips to improve your wardrobe. 

“Sharp Suits: A Celebration Of Men’s Tailoring” By Eric Musgrave 

If you’ve always been fascinated by the world of tailoring, this is the book for you! Eric Musgrave will help you dive deep into the art of tailoring and discover its secrets – which you can then use to bring to life whole attires that are truly dazzling. 

Finding Your Style: 3 More Resources To Explore 

The books above are an excellent way to learn the ropes of men’s fashion and dive into the history and beauty of this field. Nonetheless, they are not the only avenue to uncovering your unique style. There are several other types of resources that may offer the inspiration you are missing and come in handy when looking for practical tips and tricks. These include: 


Fashion magazines can help you remain a step ahead of style trends and can help you understand how to match the pieces in your wardrobe to achieve a timeless look. Plus, they can offer insights into how different elements of fashion can be blended to bring a truly unique personal style to life. 

Social media

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic resources for finding inspiration for daily style and learning more from professionals in the field. Be sure to follow the right accounts! 


Films and movie stars may be overlooked as ways to gain fashion insight, often because their highly curated look is difficult to achieve in real life. Nonetheless, you can gain inspiration from different outfits, learn about styles of different periods, and see the impact that different colours can have on the overall ensemble.

Unleash Your Own Creativity! 

Remember, finding a personal style is all about experimenting with what you have and making sure that your personality shines through. If you are struggling, a personal stylist can offer all the guidance you may need!

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