Fugs & Pieces, May 10th 2024

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you moms and mom-figures out there! I hope Sunday goes just as you like.

BUSY WEEK. (Which I also overscheduled for myself for God knows what reason. ANYWAY.) In case you missed any of our Met Gala coverage here at GFY, you can see it all here! We had a really really fun live thread at Drinks With Broads. If you want a quick catch-up on what happened on the red carpet, you can read that here! And, yesterday, Heather covered the sexiest bits of Challengers and I watched the new Julia Fox show for SCIENCE.

We also had some fun chats! We exchanged summer recipes, and talked about what we would have worn to this Met Gala!

Big thanks to folks who shared interesting pieces with us this week — Met Gala week, I am always swamped and sit down to write this post on Thursday and think, “oh no, I didn’t save anything for F&P this week!” You came through! (And I think I deleted one of them accidentally so if you sent something great and I didn’t include it, post it it in the comments!)

FASCINATING, at ArtNet: Remnants of a Legendary Typeface Have Been Rescued From the River Thames.

Seems timely: The Greatest Diss Tracks of All Time, Ranked. [The Ringer]

Instagram kept telling me these were the most comfortable shoes IN THE WORLD and then I saw a woman wearing them in the wild and asked her about them and she said they WERE really comfy and she was buying another pair and so I bought some too. I’ll let you know how they go. [affiliate link]

This is a fun round-up! 25 Best Tennis Books to Read After Watching Challengers. [Town & Country]

At Vulture: The Idea of You Author on the Movie’s New Ending

This is an interesting piece about the Indigenous designers who worked on Lily Gladstone and Quannah Chasinghorse’s Met Gala looks. [CBC]

This is such a great apartment! [Cup of Jo]

A very interesting thread at the Broadway subReddit: Worst mistake you’ve seen happen in a show?

Socialite Life reports: Bette Midler Says Bette Sitcom Was a Mistake, Regrets Not Suing 14-Year-Old Lindsay Lohan for Quitting Series After Pilot. This is how I learned David Duchovny has a podcast now?! Anyway, somewhere Lilo is like, don’t blame me for this one.

NOT AGAIN: Another Sriracha Shortage May Be on the Horizon. What Happened? [NYT, gifted link]

Martha Stewart bought a condo in the Only Murders in the Building building and I pray this leads to a cameo. You know she has thoughts on both wallpaper AND dip. [Robb Report]

Interesting, at Collectors Weekly: Are These Really Collectibles? 6 Surprising Finds That Hold Unexpected Value. Maybe you own some of these! I want a Victorian hand now.

Bustle reports that Chad Michael Murray thinks a reboot of One Tree Hill is “needed.” IS IT?!?!?!?

Someone went on a Creed cruise! I sincerely am happy that these Creed fans all get to hang out together and have fun.[Slate]

I don’t NEED another cardigan but I do WANT this one. [J.Crew, affiliate link]

This is fun, at Southern Living: 13 Retro Potluck Recipes To Make This Summer. 

I’ll always click on this  kind of piece, at CN Traveler: What It’s Like Flying in Etihad Airways’ New Lie-Flat Business Class Cabin. I need to get on winning the Lotto.

I love this collection of recipes at Bon Appetit: 23 Recipes Where Pickles Are the Point

WUT? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says His Brain Was Partially Eaten by a Worm That Crawled Inside and Died: Everything You Need to Know.  This man….has a lot going on. [Vanity Fair]

Likely true: A TikTok Ban Won’t Fix Social Media. [The New Yorker]

At Eater: Trudging Through the Tedious Swamp of Celebrity Brand Deals

(Photo by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)

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