Top 10 Men’s Bag Trends For 2024

Men haven’t always had, well, bags of choice when it comes to the luggage we sling over our shoulders. For the longest time, our options were: briefcase or backpack, kit bag or weekender. That was kind of it.

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In the last 10 years or so, things have changed for the better. There are now more styles available and much more variety within each category, too. Now, you can choose from tote bags and cross-body bags, technical hybrid designs, luxury handbags marketed at men, and every kind of backpack imaginable. 

To help you hone in on your next holdall, here are 10 of the best men’s bag trends we’ve seen this year – on the runway, on commuter trains in fashionable post codes and beyond. Don’t leave home without one.

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Tote-Holdall Hybrids

In recent years, we’ve seen bag trends and design loosen up a little. Models that have stayed more or less the same for decades are turning up with slightly different shapes or features, making them more practical to carry around and more interesting to look at. Case in point: tote-holdall hybrids. This wide and slouchy bag trend works with the looser fits we’re seeing in broader menswear, but it’s also a practical and versatile option, too.

It could be an everyday bag big enough for your work stuff and gym gear. It could also be a stylish overnight option or an alternative carry-on bag. Most of the styles we’ve seen have multiple carry options, like tote-style handles and hands-free shoulder straps, while inside, you’ll usually find at least one extra compartment.

XL Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags were one of the welcome surprises from the last 10 years of menswear: a new twist on an old design that felt practical and entirely in keeping with how men’s wardrobes embraced streetwear. Now, because the style is everywhere, designers are tweaking again.

This year, we’re seeing crossbody bags with bigger proportions that are more practical than the older fanny pack styles.

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Honestly, those proportions remind us more of women’s handbags than anything else. Roughly the size of a hardback novel, there’s room for your keys, phone and wallet, and not much more. But the handbag reference is very deliberate. Menswear has been embracing traditionally feminine styles and materials for the last few seasons. Think of crochet-style knits or lace shirts on the red carpet. This is another way that those old gender boundaries are being blurred.

Convertible Bags

Multi-functional design is back in fashion. Designers are playing with reversible jackets and detachable hoods or sleeves, so it makes sense that we’re also seeing a few two-in-one bag styles out there.

Convertible bags are practical and versatile, designed to give you more options on the go. They usually come with a selection of straps or handles that let you switch from hands to shoulders and back again. 

Now, we’re also seeing designs that go one step further. Undo a clip here or a zip there, and the bag’s shape and volume will change depending on what you need it for. What looked like a backpack or tote bag suddenly unfolds to become something more like a shopper or holdall.

It’s a useful way to use the same bag for multiple needs and to make sure your cupboards aren’t filled with bags you’re not using.

Suede/Nubuck Bags

Leather bags have been a luxury accessory for men for decades if not centuries. Most often, they’ve been beautiful, hard-wearing styles: full-grain holdalls, backpacks and briefcases. In the last year or so, we’ve noticed more suede and nubuck bags. They’re not as hardy as other types of leather, but they do look and feel wonderful. Just don’t let them be manhandled by roughshod baggage staff at the airport.

On the other hand, like all leather bags, they look good when beaten up – the scuffs and patinas hint at a life well travelled. Look out for suede and nubuck options the next time you’re in the market for a backpack, weekender or shopper-style tote.

Fabric Totes

Not for the first time in recent years, fabric tote bags have become a status symbol. In the US, colourful $3 totes from Trader Joe’s became a viral hit on social media and are now exchanging hands for $500 online. At the other end of the spectrum, we’re seeing high fashion get involved with proudly logoed totes, letting consumers flex those big-name labels at (relatively) accessible prices. 

Yes, you’ve probably got a few dozen cotton canvas stashed in a cupboard at home, but they are undeniably useful and look great with casual outfits, too. In addition to the canvas varieties, look out for denim and linen styles. At the luxury end, you’ll also find canvas options with leather handles.

Suit Carriers

Here’s a bag trend that didn’t look likely just a couple of years ago. But with tailoring back on the menswear agenda, designers are selling dedicated bags for transporting your suits. Buying a dedicated suit carrier is invariably better and more stylish than settling for the polyester option that often comes with the suit itself. 

Invest in a premium option and not only do you look the business in transit or at the hotel check-in, but you’ll also have a suit carrier that lasts, protects your tailoring and comes with a few useful design details.

We’re particularly fond of styles that are big enough to hold more than one outfit, while a zipped compartment for your accessories is always preferable to stuffing them into your main bag.

Bold Block Colours

Most bags are neutral: black, brown, 50 shades of beige and navy. All the better for blending in with whatever you’re wearing that day. Now, designers are creating accessories designed to stand out with much bolder colours. 

There are primary options in red or azure blue, but there’s also a much broader spectrum of pastels and softer tones inspired by nature – everything from lilac to sage green, mustard yellow to rust orange.

The wider palette reflects the broader trend for louder and more expressive menswear, not just in casual clothing, but across smarter dress codes too. And a colourful bag on your shoulder makes it easy to experiment with colour-clashing outfits and tonal looks.

Patterned/Monogrammed Bags

So much for quiet luxury. Every designer label is doing a patterned monogram bag this year, their logos intricately spun into eye-catching repeat designs. It’s a bold way to flex some high fashion and we’re seeing it on everything from backpacks to briefcases, meaning it’s something you can pair with practically every dress code.

Monograms aren’t the only big patterns out there, though. Camo bags, botanical prints and wavy abstract designs are just a few of the others you can browse. Most of them are loud and colourful, but you’ll also find more subtle patterns like playfully embossed leather. 

Big-Ass Outdoors Bags

Outdoor and hiking brands are some of the most influential labels in menswear, which means their ultra-practical XL backpacks are everywhere, too. Big enough for a round-the-world trip and built to take a beating, this bag trend is arguably overkill if you’re just going to the gym or the office – we’re talking 35-litre capacity and upwards here. 

That doesn’t need to be a problem, of course. Even if you don’t supersize your luggage, outdoor bags don’t just feature clever design and a multitude of compartments; they’re also some of the most comfortable to wear.

You’ll find a few minimal styles that work with any wardrobe, but most outdoor bags work best for people with that kind of style and that kind of lifestyle.

Techwear Bags

Black backpacks and crossbody bags aren’t new – they’ve been a menswear staple for at least the last 10 years. What we’re seeing more of right now, however, are styles that look like they were made for modern-day ninja crime-fighters. Blacked-out and hyper-technical in their design, they combine outdoorsy practicality with urban aesthetics. 

Look for styles with hiking-style clips, mesh compartments and hidden pockets galore. They’ll often be made of hardworking shell materials with overdesigned internal compartments that keep your valuables secure.

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